Order form


After you have ordered and paid, you will automatically receive an order number, which can be found on the order confirmation.

Fill in the form as desired depending on your order.


  1. Read the fill-in instruction.
  2. Always mention the date of purchase, order number and e-mail address.
  3. Check what has been ordered and fill in the form as required depending on order.
  4. Pay attention! Stick to the maximum number of characters and number of lines as there is limited space on the card and tag.
  5. Press send.

Pay attention! The data you enter will be taken directly. Therefore, check your details carefully!


Order form

FRONT ICE CARD (if ordered, fill in at least A and B)

BACK ICE CARD (F/I = inapplicable, leave empty)

BACK ICE TAG (if ordered fill in at least J and K)